Gain Freedom By Letting Go Of Fruitless Fear

leap out of fear

When I was a little girl, I was terrified of the water. It was a mess, because I lived on an island and loved going to the beach. When we think of something we are afraid of, our minds then start working on how to protect ourselves from that fear. But that protection can come at the cost of personal growth, happiness, or just some fun with friends.

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It’s Time to Stop the Procrastination

Stop the procrastination and get to work!

I’m a week overdue for this blog post because procrastination got the best of me. Procrastinating always sneaks up on you. It starts with one small excuse to not stick to your game plan, which turns into another, and another, until the snowball effect has you miles away from what you intended to be doing. I got stuck. Instead of just getting to work, I told myself I needed to research more on the topic I wanted to write about before settling in. Then, I made a quick, sloppy, bullet-point list of what I thought I might want to write about, and then left it to rot as the procrastination set in. That list sat there for days – I would look at it, grimace, and walk away, thinking of all the laundry-dusting-shopping that I needed to get done instead. Then, as I was binge-watching Netflix, as you do when you are officially three days into the newfound freedom of not having a job, I realized I couldn’t just sit […]

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Why We Should Celebrate Our Differences

Celebrate Differences

People will always be judged for their beliefs and their appearance. Unfortunately, that judgement (on both the side of the judger and those being judged) can trigger extreme negative responses in people Р extreme enough for murder, hate crimes, and terrorism to result.

So rather than dwelling on the negatives that we see in our world on a daily basis, why don’t we focus on the positives. How can we celebrate humanity, rather than condemn it?

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