Hideaway in Heidelberg

This post is long overdue. But I got so used to being on vacation and doing absolutely no work that I just couldn’t bring myself to type, even though I am so excited to relive every minute of my vacation! About a week ago, we got back from my first ever trip to Europe. It was UH-maze-ing! Our first stop was in Heidelberg, Germany, since hubs had a conference there. A friend who grew up with me in Jamaica met up with us, so I was able to be in full-on vacation mode while poor hubs was nerding it out at the conference. We got there on a super humid day, and it was clear that it had been raining since the Neckar River was brown and flooding a little. While exploring the sights, we actually passed by a sizable flockĀ of really old, frail looking people trying to get off a riverboat. They had to add a makeshift ramp to the existing ramp to extend over the flooded area, and […]

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