Connecticut Bound

It’s official, we’re moving to Connecticut at the end of the month. Because that’s what I always wanted – to move back to New England – NOT! It’s okay, I know there is a purpose for me there, so I’m optimistic despite the fact that this week’s forecast called for THUNDER SNOW in the Nutmeg State.

Hubs and I have been busily apartment-hunting online in preparation for our first visit up to “Elm City” next week. We’ve also been packing a little every day, but I hate packing when I’m not excited to get to my destination. Just ask my mom, who has packed bags for me countless times as I laid on my bed sulking/crying the night before going back to Jamaican high school (I lived away from my parents during the week), NE boarding school or college in the Mid West. So poor hubs will be helping me fold a bulky blanket one second, and the next I will have dropped everything and stormed out of the room. He’ll then find me in the hallway staring moodily at the wall with my five-year-old “you-can’t-make-me-do-it” face on. God bless him in those moments.

Overall though, the moving plans are going smoothly, and I’ve even had some time to start scoping out fun stuff to do in New Haven (i.e. I found 7 farmer’s markets, one of which will make its Spring debut at 9am the day we get there). I love farmer’s markets! There is one in Baltimore that is AWESOME, and I wish I had been able to go there more during our time here. So I won’t make that mistake again, I’ve sought them all out ahead of time! See a really cool Non-Profit endeavor called CitySeed here that I’m excited about learning more about.

One thing I will sorely miss when we leave Baltimore is the food scene. It’s definitely impossible to go everywhere that’s good. There are so many different culinary styles to choose from here, the best of which (in my opinion) is the local Chesapeake cuisine. I had never had Old Bay before I moved to Baltimore, but now I think I literally have it 5 days out of 7. I can’t remember the last time I had a fried egg or a slice of avocado and didn’t put Old Bay on it – because why wouldn’t you?

However, I hear that New Haven is on the up-and-up as far as its foodie scene goes, at least for a small city. New Haven’s Restaurant Week also happens to be happening the week we arrive, so we’ll be sure to check a few places out! (I’ll admit, I’ve already peaked at a few of the menus and caught myself wondering where the crab dishes are – so sad I’m moving to clam country (except for the chowder part – delish!). Of special note (read: super random, but just might work) so far is a Szechuan-style Chinese restaurant that has an extensive Belgian beer list at the bar – I’ll have a Ma La Duck and a Chimay Tripel, please. Unfortunately, after looking through several of the finer dining menus in the town, I realize that I’m really going to miss the quirky, casual, but oh-so-recognizable culture of the Baltimore food scene the most. Let’s just say that New Haven seems to hold the Nicoise salad very close to their hearts – which is fine and can be delicious…but is also super drab. I’m not really one to stick to the classics when it comes to eating.

I could go on to say “oh, but the redeeming quality of New Haven will be the bustling art scene…” but….I won’t. Because honestly that doesn’t really appeal to me, at least not right now (I know, some of you think I’m artistic and might be horrified at me right now, but it’s the honest truth). I’m open to new things though, so please, Elm City, win me over – I beg you!

Anyone have any tips on what’s good?

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  1. I’m no good at packing either, I have left a lot behind. Packing is a time to learn what is really important – like for me my Italian coffee-making pot and my art supplies. The rest can be replaced or better think how much you save if you don’t have to buy that blanket again.

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