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There are three things in life that really excite me: food, family, and traveling. This weekend I get all three!

I’m writing this post as I wait for some delicious and buttery Key Lime Meltaway Shortbread cookies to finish baking so I can glaze them. Tomorrow after work, hubs and I will make our way across the border up north for the holiday weekend to visit with all five of my sibs (and whoever comes along with them), plus my parents and one of my grandmas. Familypalooza!

20160527_162423For the nine hour or so road trip, I decided that instead of stopping at a fast food joint in Middle-of-Nowhere, NY, we’d pack a travel-friendly meal/snack. After searching for a few minutes on Pinterest (my guilty pleasure for finding recipes – or just drooling over them), I decided to make BLT sliders with a pesto mayo. Yum!

I feel like we usually end up bringing a ton of sweet snacks on our road trips, like chocolate-covered whatevers, dry cereal, fruit, granola bars and juice, and so we of course will crave something savory that you can sink your teeth into. This time, we’re prepared!

I sliced up my tomatoes and tore my lettuce into appropriately-sized pieces, and of course fried up all my bacon. Tomorrow I’ll be able to cut some dinner rolls in half, slap some pesto mayo on one side, fill with my ready-to-go B, L & T, and hit the road.

The cookies are for my mom, since I missed her birthday and Mother’s Day. And because – I’ll use any excuse to make something fun that I don’t have to consume all by myself! We’ll see if they survive the journey or if they mysteriously start to disappear one by one…maybe I’ll put them in the trunk.

This weekend kicks off the start of summer, and the start of all my amazing travel plans! I can’t wait to tell you all about them. 🙂

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