Frantic February

February is the worst month of the year – no offense to those born in it or fans of V-Day. It’s the month when winter seems to be dragging on for all of eternity, which is kind of ironic since it is also the shortest month of the year.

I know that I’ve really been neglecting my blog for, oh, the past five months, but I’m back! If only to rant about the woes of winter (even if it has been suspiciously mild in the Mid-Atlantic this season). Last night, whilst watching the fabulous Grammy’s, I received an alert on my phone that there would be 40mph winds here today, with gusts of up to 60mph. I got the alert and was yelling about it at the exact moment when Adele “cussed” on live television and started over her tribute song to George Michael. So basically what I’m saying is I’m so sorry Adele for throwing you off, and the whole world can just blame me. Or maybe the February blues got to Adele too. At any rate, she ended up doing an amazing job the second time around.

But back to how horrible February is. The moment it begins, everything goes into deep freeze mode – just look at the state of the North East and the Midwest right now! My skin dries up and breaks out at the stroke of midnight on Feb 1 no matter how well my January skincare routine was working for my face at the time. I also find it hard to motivate myself to do anything productive or health-inducing in February, so any New Year’s resolutions are out the window in February too. I’ve been staring at a set of workout dvd’s for the past couple of weeks, and at this point they are just mocking me as they sit there, with beautiful, oiled and taut bodies on the front cover. Who wants to take off their wool socks and bedroom footies and instead don athletic shorts and cross trainers at this time of year? I happen to live in a basement apartment, so it’s always freezing no matter how high we turn up the heat – no thanks, I’ll just stay cuddled under my three blankets here!

On top of the usual issues I have with February, this one is particularly dreadful and anxiety-inducing. By now, we should have been packing away our lives here in the Mid-Atlantic for relocation to either the North East or entirely out of the country, but we haven’t solidified any plans yet! By the time Feb 10 rolled around, hubs and I were looking at each other with knots in our stomach, realizing that we had told our landlord we would be out of our current apartment by Feb 28, but we had nowhere to actually GO on Feb 28! And as if that wasn’t bad enough, we had no idea whether we would need to keep all of our furniture or pawn it off to the highest bidders as we go on a European adventure! Cue the horror music (and the sound of ice tinkling in a glass as my hand brings a strong drink shakingly up to my mouth).

Thankfully, we were able to extend our lease by one month, which does buy ourselves a bit more time and possibly even added a few more days to our lives by reducing the chronic stress levels. I did notice that hubs’ gray hairs are now prettily on display at the front and center of his hairline, rather than modestly sticking to above his ears as they had prior to this season of stress. But we are pretty much still in the same boat – we have no clue where we will be moving next. I’ll be sure to update you, of course, once we find out, but for now I’ll just cuddle up on my couch and pretend not to hear the 60mph wind gusts bringing all kinds of February fury to my doorstep.

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