Life is all about simple pleasures and small moments. If you can cherish these, chances are you will be able to live a rich and fulfilling life, no matter the setting. When I was a little girl, my mom would make me cinnamon toast, which involved toast, creamy butter, brown sugar, and a sprinkling of cinnamon. She was generous with the butter, which melted in thick patches into the warm toast. Such simple ingredients, yet such pleasurable results – it was the perfect combination of flavours and mouthfeel, and always the perfect treat. Sometimes, my sister and I would roll the toast into a tight cylinder and eat it like a churro, and then the dish was transformed into what we called “rolly bread”. I haven’t had rolly bread or even cinnamon toast since I became an adult. Sometimes we forget the simplicity of our childhood pleasures as we trudge through the mundaneness of our daily routines, or seek ever more exhilarating thrills which come so cheap and abundantly in […]

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